What makes us different?

"We all do basically the same thing, we just put a different spin on it."

This is what a new client heard from other auto repair shop marketers as they were looking for a new solution.

There's a school of marketing for mechanics and shops. And yes they do the same things, like expensive mailers.

We don't. If you're ready for a change, read on.

2. We explain everything to you

We believe that you need to understand how your own campaigns work. This means you understand the strategy and are enthusiastic about it. You know how every piece fits, and if you've had that nagging feeling like you should have been doing something else all along, you'll know what that was.

Plus, you have full admin rights to all your accounts and can access them at any time.

Full transparency is our core value.

1. We use data so we know what works

We have tracking set up on all your campaigns and on your website. Everything is checked and verified that it is working correctly. We regularly check accounts to see what is working. We do more of what works and cut what doesn't work.

This gets you more cars in the shop for your money. Period.

This helps you confidently make decisions on your marketing budget because the numbers are right there.


October 2021 Postcard Numbers

The best way to make decisions is by knowing what works, and what doesn't work as well. Put your advertising dollars toward what gets the most people into the shop.

Postcards sent


Calls from postcards
Actual new customers from postcards
Cost per new customer from postcards: $312

This is for low-margin services like oil changes. How much do you make per oil change? Is it worth it to spend $312 for a new oil change customer? 

3. We have a solid strategy to help you grow

Marketing strategy is like concentric circles that get bigger with each layer.

Your first circle is accomplished by getting your shop at full capacity, staffed up with revenue flowing.

From there, we can implement other programs like postcards, YouTube marketing, and social media. We've run all these programs for shops and they don't work as well. They're not BAD, they are just not impactful enough for the first circle.

First focus is getting your innermost circle running like a Corvette.

Have you heard enough?

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